Words cannot express the heartfelt thanks we feel for helping Justin to achieve his Higher School Certificate. He received Band 2, and we are thrilled. He can now go forward confidently. Because of his work with you, he now enjoys reading- the greatest gift of all.


I am writing to let you know that our daughter Tessa has just passed her HSC exam. We are especially proud, as one of her subjects was Advanced English in which she received Honours. She also received Honours in Ancient History.

Her overall UAI score was 93.7 and this allows her to attend university where she will be studying Journalism. We are very grateful that we were referred to you at that important time in Tessa’s life, as it set her on the course to really enjoy her studies.

Thank you for your excellent work and we just wanted to share with you the final outcome.


I want to say thank you for helping me to read, spell, write and understand things better. It really means a lot to me. You are all wonderful people and I am so glad that I have got to meet you all and get a chance to know you all a bit better. I will really miss you all- especially the giggles we had. So, thank you for everything, it really means a lot to me.

Love Guilia (aged 13)


Thank you for all your help and persistence. As you can see by Scott’s report, it was well worth it. He improved by 20 places within the grade, and was awarded “the most improved” in his year.


On behalf of Sarah and the whole family, we sincerely thank you for the way in which you have assisted us. You have always treated us with great care and sensitivity.


Thank you for helping me to read and spell. Now I am a very good reader and speller.

Thank you. Love from Amanda (age 7).



I would just like to finally thank you for the help you gave me at the reading centre. Without this help I don’t think I would be the person I am today! Not just in reading, but bringing my confidence up. I would never had thought I would be a school debater, nor able to teach kids to swim!


I hope other students like myself realise that they are NOT so called “dumb” but they just need a little help which you are able to give.


I’m not sure if you remember Claire. You helped her with reading and spelling a couple of years ago. We are still grateful as you helped open a world of learning and satisfaction for her. She is in year 5 next year and loves reading. Her teachers at the Centre will always be regarded in the highest esteem by us.

Thank you for all your help.


Thank you for opening up my world.

Love Alex (age 9).


Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Just to let you know that Zac won an award on presentation night for the most improved reading.


You see the best in your students, and what great potential each one of them has. I feel so blessed that my boys have spent time under your instruction.

Thank you.


Thank you for giving me the pleasure of being able to read to my son.

From Lee


You changed our daughter’s life. You took our fears and confusion in your hands and gave us hope and strength. Thank you for sharing your skill, strength, patience and love.

We will never forget you. Thank you.


In Ben’s Basic Skills tests, he was over the moon with his results. At school presentation night he received Academic Award Most Improved, 100% Attendance award, and Junior Boys Athletic Champion. He has done well this year and was pleased with his teacher’s comment “Ben has improved in a number of areas and is making excellent and well deserved progress. His whole attitude towards school and work has improved as well as his behaviour. He has really matured”.

Thanks again for all your help.


Thank you for giving Jayson and myself a brighter future. We walked into Cumberland Education over four years ago. Jayson then aged 12 and in his final year of Primary with a school system failing him and his mother at a loss not knowing what to do! Through all of this Jayson was left misunderstood, shamed and fearful. These days now 16 ½ years old, Jayson walks tall – no longer frightened to give eye contact, having the confidence to know he can. His mother also knows in her heart Jayson is ready to face the world differently, being equipped with the knowledge to deal with his condition.

No amount of words can express our gratitude.


Thank you for all the help you have given Mark over the past 2 years. His reading has really improved tremendously. His NAPLAN results from years 3 to year 5 in reading being the largest improvement in the school. We are very proud of his achievement.


I regrettably had to finish teaching at Cumberland Education to move to Coffs Harbour. However, I want to take the time to thank you for all the work you do for the children and for allowing me to be part of such an amazing program. As my own family members have struggled with dyslexia and other learning difficulties throughout their schooling, I know how hard it is to find effective programs/assistance, and through my work with your programs, I have seen the great improvements it can make to student’s attitudes towards schooling and themselves, as well as great improvements academically.

Due to my experiences at Cumberland Education, my passion for working with students to overcome dyslexia and other learning difficulties is even stronger, and I hope to have the opportunity to explore this area in greater depth throughout my career.

Thanks again for all the work you do. I loved working with the kids and families. It was rewarding and I always found myself smiling afterwards.

All the best for the future. Love and best wishes, Jess.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I am grateful for all you have done for Kristie. Cumberland Education was a “god send” as Kristie has struggled all her school years until this centre provided hope and success. Kristie has improved so much so, that she has completed year 12- and did nicely. Especially in English, which she had never passed before, and she achieved a Band 4 which was wonderful to see. She has now started her course and is achieving great marks in the fashion industry and is working whilst studying.

We owe this to Cumberland Education as you are a wonderful organisation and will tackle and obtain results for all the children you deal with.

All I can say is thank you, Kristie is on her way!