Specialised Lessons Cumberland Education

Specialised Lessons involve evidence-based educational techniques put into individualised programs devised and established by our clinicians (Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists).

All programs are developed on the precise needs of the individual, and are administered in a 1:1 lesson.

Our clinicians design an individual program to be administered in the Specialised Lessons, and our tutors, who are all trained in using our specialised evidenced-based techniques administer these individualised programs within the Specialised Lessons.

Students who receive Specialised Lessons are monitored by our clinicians and are re-evaluated approximately twice a year to formally track progress.

Current and targeted assessment (e.g. cognitive, perceptual, communication, fine motor, behaviour, learning strengths and weaknesses etc.) is essential prior to starting specialised lessons, in order to establish an individual learning profile, and to establish effective goals for intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Specialised Lessons conducted?

Some clients enrol directly into Specialised Lessons after their clinical assessment. Most however, attend 5-10 clinical sessions to establish program fundamentals before transitioning to Specialised Lessons.

Specialised lessons are a continuation of the clinical work, as established by the clinician/s, but only begin to be undertaken once client and clinician/s agree an appropriate time.

If clients are transitioning from Clinical Sessions to a tutor for Specialised Lessons, there is a transition process. This involves a handover of relevant information regarding the client’s learning program.

Specialised Lessons are typically conducted after school hours and Saturdays, but many clients (especially adults) attend Monday to Friday during the day, and Lessons are 45 minutes in duration.

How much do Specialised Lessons cost?

Weekly fee is $64 which is paid via direct debit. See EZI DEBIT direct debit form. Alternatively, fees can be invoiced termly.

Unfortunately, make-up lessons can no longer be offered.